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Est. 1999

Mountain Horses

Lapeer, Michigan


Our Family Farm

We started Celtic Ridge over 20 years ago to be a good place to raise a family.  It really was as simple as that. Each day, from the moment the rooster crows, the work and responsibility of caring for a herd of horses, a flock of sheep, goats, dogs, cats & chickens begins.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Somewhere along the line, we fell in love with one breed of horses in particular: Mountain Horses.  This special breed of gaited horses have various names such as Rocky Mountain Horses or Kentucky Mountain Horses – but they all come from the hills of Kentucky, where for generations they have been selectively bred for excellent temperaments, hardiness, and a sure-footed, smooth gait.  

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Sean, Aimee, Caelan & Teagan O'Bryan
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Celtic Ridge

Rocky Mountain Horses
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